In Line (Sprint)

Basic / In Line tests are the simplest kind of tests and allow, for example, sprint timing over a certain distance.

Number of Impulses

Example 1a

To time a sprint test over 30 meters with Start and Stop it is enough to set the End of Test with 'Number of Impulses' equal to 1 (please note that the Start Impulse must never be counted).


Example 1b

If you want to add one or more lap times, just increase the value of Number of Impulses.


End of Time

The End of Test parameter set to 'End of Time' is useful for test types where a given number of actions must be carried out in a certain amount of time. These actions can be counted via the number of impulses received from the photocell.

Example 2

Checking how often photocells are passed within 30" of this course

Number of Impulses OR End of Time

Example 3

If in a test an athlete must complete a circuit within 20" and there is only one start and stop, the end of test can be set as 'Number of Impulses or End of Time'; if the athlete manages to perform the test, his time will be saved, otherwise the timer is stopped.