Shuttle with recovery

The Shuttle test (with or without recovery) allows to execute shuttle tests, where an exercise is carried out a certain amount of times with a given number of seconds for recovery between them.

Example: 50-meter sprint to be performed 3 times with 20" recovery between one sprint and the other.


The test is set as follows:

During the first sprint, the timer shows information as for an On-Line test; after crossing the stop photocell, a countdown starts for the amount of time set as recovery time:

When the athlete starts again for the second sprint, the advance or delay (signaled by an intermittent beep) is calculated with respect to the recovery time; these times are highlighted on the data table with the letter R (Recovery). In the example below the athlete has begun the second sprint with an advance of -1.4, and the third with a delay of +1.6.

The ranking sums the times of n repetitions and does NOT consider the start delays or advances.