Microgate was born in Bolzano in 1989 out of an idea of brothers Vinicio and Roberto Biasi:

“technology is a vision with subtle boundaries, which become the future as soon as they are overcome”.

With this approach, the company has grown in four specific sectors: Timing, Training & Sport, Medical Rehab and Engineering, opening up to over 50 countries worldwide.

It has a team of 43 experienced professionals, 15 of whom are specialised engineers (5 with PhD) who are in charge of the technological development process: from design to prototyping, through to final production and customer care. This complete process has persuaded some of the world’s largest companies in a variety of fields, from sports to astronomy, as well as industry and the field of clinical rehabilitation, to choose Microgate as their partner.

A centre where ideas are developed and technological solutions produced, which has been further expanded, setting up several highly specialised companies: Microgate USA, AdOptica and Micro Photon Devices.


It all began with a specific need, that is, to avoid laying long cables between the starting gate and the photocells at the finish line during winter skiing training.

By using walkie talkie radio transmission as a means of transport, the world’s first wireless stopwatch was created, which, thanks to its efficient error correction algorithm, is still the undisputed leader in reliability and accuracy after 30 years.